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Are online payments secure?

Yes, all payments are secure and encrypted; I will never reveal any of your information or sell your data.

Can I buy the zine in stores?

Cosmic Coupe is currently available for pickup or purchase at Boston Shaker in Davis Square. Simply show your reciept to an employee if you purchased online in advance, or tale a trip to the store in at 69 Holland Street in the heart of Davis Square.

Do you offer bulk pricing options?

I love to work with small businesses, and I'm happy to discuss logistical details about merchandising partnerships. If you're interested in buying a bundle of copies, please send me a message through the form above and I will reply to your note with more information about bulk pricing. The minimum threshold to qualify for a bulk discount is 10 copies.

Who is the person behind Cosmic Coupe?

Glad you asked! I'm Katie: I work as a data strategist at a consulting firm by day, and I have a deep love for art, sci-fi, design, and all things bizarre and offbeat. Cosmic Coupe is a passion project and a hobby that combines several of my niche insterests: indie zines, space, art deco, history, illustration, extravagant beverages, branding, storytelling, and print (just to name a few). I have a degree in Advertising & Communications from BU, and I started this interstellar journey entirely during the pandemic as a way to design a dreamy and indulgent celestial escape after cancelling all of my travel plans. My mission here is twofold: a) To create a memorable DIY experience that is accessible to people at home & and inclusive of friends and family who may be sober or just taking a break from drinking. b) To empower everyone to think about creativity and supporting freelancers in a unique way - there is so much more to the art world than physical galleries and eye-popping price tags. If there's a concept you wish your favorite instagrammer would tackle, ask about commission rates and support them directly. Art prints are awesome, but don't forget that zines with richly colored full-page spreads are tiny rotating galleries in your home.

Do you plan to offer more products?

Yes! In addition to zines, prints, and stickers, I plan to offer soft enamel pins, magnets, recipe coasters, tote bags, and t-shirts. Cosmic Coupe is entirely run by one person who also has a day job, so new products will be introduced periodically. Feel free to suggest new product options or configurations.

Do you offer free shipping?

Shipping is free for orders over $50! And if you'd like to just order a sticker pack, I can ship those for cheaper than the flat rate shipping since it's okay if they bend a little bit in the mail. Send me a note and I'll create a custom code for you.

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