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zine + stickers + ingredients of choice = a unique, easy gift idea


The illustrations of Cosmic Coupe tell the story of a spectacular night out across several utopian galaxies. The evening starts with a casual abduction from a cyberpunk balcony.


When faced with enticing options for the first stop, you step through an art nouveau speakeasy portal and meet the astronomic cabaret and burlesque star Celastrina.


After some salacious entertainment, enjoy thoughtful conversation with sentient plant-based life forms in their gravity-defying terrarium.


At the end of the journey, concoct one last nightcap while you catch up with fantastic old friends from far-flung solar systems. 

Artist Credits

(in order of Zine Appearance)

Makarand Narkar & Sonal Vasave

Mumbai, India


@makarandnarkar // @sonal.vasave


Emily Perelman

Boston, MA



Logan Spector-Watts

Wellington, New Zealand


Giri Dwinanto

Jakarta, Indonesia



Melinda Magyar

Budapest, Hungary




Cosmic Coupe logos by yukka_studio.